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Your dogs’ overall health begins with complete and balanced nutrition. Ultra Dog Superwoof contains all the necessary nutrients, so that no supplementation is required. This digestible formulation helps to promote a strong immune system, healthy skin and a lustrous coat, helping your dog to maintain an ideal body condition for a long, healthy and active life. Ultra Dog Superwoof is free from artificial colours and flavours. Developed by a pet food nutritionist and veterinarian, Ultra Dog Superwoof ensures your dogs’ health and vitality – giving them the life they deserve.

How to introduce your dog to Ultra Dog
(From another dry dog food)

Day 1 - 2 Day 3 - 4 Day 5 - 6 Day 7
30% | 70% 50% | 50% 75% | 25% 100%
30% | 70% 50% | 50% 75% | 25% 100%

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