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Changing to a New Food

  • Your dog needs time to adjust to a new dog food, so it’s better to introduce it gradually over a week or so. If your dog has a very sensitive stomach, you may need to take a bit longer.
  • Changing between different varieties of the same range can be done more quickly, as many of the ingredients will be the same, although sensitive dogs may still need a gradual change.
  • Different foods can have dramatically different feeding amounts, so make sure to check the guide on the packaging of the new food, as both over-feeding and under-feeding can lead to health problems.

How to introduce your dog to Ultra Dog

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5 & 6 25{d8d9ebd9736810056b1485597d450ae356ed77adce95ddd31dfebf66e4b510f3} 75{d8d9ebd9736810056b1485597d450ae356ed77adce95ddd31dfebf66e4b510f3}
7 0{d8d9ebd9736810056b1485597d450ae356ed77adce95ddd31dfebf66e4b510f3} 100{d8d9ebd9736810056b1485597d450ae356ed77adce95ddd31dfebf66e4b510f3}

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