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All you need to know about being a responsible pet owner of an adult dog including routine care and exercise as well as grooming and training tips.

Adult Grooming

Regular grooming is an important part of pet care. Not only will it keep your dog looking beautiful, but it will help to strengthen the bond between you.

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Toys and Accessories

Dog toys fulfil a variety of needs, including entertainment, comfort, training, dental health and more. It’s important to choose the right toy for your dog’s breed, size and home environment.

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Adult Training

Training is as much for your dog as it is for you. It’s a great bonding exercise, but it also teaches both of you how to understand and communicate with each other.

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Bringing a new dog home

Now that you’ve found the perfect canine companion, you can’t wait to bring him/her home. Make sure you’ve got everything ready before you walk him/her over the threshold.

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Responsible dog ownership

When you welcome a new member into your family, it’s one thing, but getting comfortable could lead you to neglect your responsibilities as a dog owner.

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Dogs are like children, they need to do something with their energy. Spending quality time together assists in building a good relationship with your dog.

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Routine Care for your Adult Dog

Your puppy is all grown up. When your dog turns one, he/she is officially an adult, and as a grown-up dog, he or she has specific needs to stay healthy and happy.

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